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Our innovative VT Cushion Grips maximize your advantage on the court by dampening multi-frequency frame vibration, reducing frame shock, and reducing distortion of ball impact during intense, fast, and unpredictable play.

Our patent-pending Anti-Vibe technology paired with the high-tack cushion and absorbency of polyurethane ensures a comfortable connection to the true character and power of your game. 

  • (1) VT Advantec Replacement Grip
  • Dimensions: 1” x 43”
  • Thickness: 2.3mm
  • Weight: 22 Grams 
  • New Adhesive-Free Installation  



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  • 30 day guarantee
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United States United States

Nice tacky feel and very comfortable. A little on the thicker side but really enjoying the feel of it. Can notice less strain on my wrist and joints after long sessions.

Jon N.
United States United States
no opinion yet, but adhesive bites!

seems like a high quality grip other than the adhesive backing. I’ve installed hundreds of grips that adhere better than the grip I received; now awaiting some 3M double sided tape to see if it will save the grip from being a total loss as I am anti-staple.

United States United States
soft grips and good amount of bulk / cushion (not too much--not too little)

iʻm a 4.5 mostly doubles player. this VT advantec replacement grip was much newer than the replacement grip i was using which was causing jarring and pain to my wrist (i play from 2-6 sets per outing). so this is not exactly comparing a VT advantec fresh replacement grip to a non-VT-advantec fresh replacement grip but that said, with the new cushion VT A grip--i think i definitely felt less vibration, and i think it was easier on my wrist. i felt less fatigue and pain after playing 3 sets this past wednesday. i like the amount of cushion in the cushion grip--it wasnʻt too thick where i couldnʻt feel the bevels--and it wasnʻt too thin where there was too much vibration coming through the handle. i also like that thereʻs no adhesive so 1) i can switch it to another racquet if it need to easily, and 2) hopefully the thickness wonʻt change too much over time, since thereʻs no adhesive layer which can compress and degrade. well--thatʻs the hope anyway. overall--really promising! iʻm really pleased--thank you!

Craig M.
United States United States
New Grip, New Feel

Such a soft feel, definitely reduces vibration, makes shots feel more accurate, and also keeps my grip light which is something I can struggle with at times.