Advantec Anti-Vibe Tennis Racket Premium Tacky Overgrip

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GET REAL: Stop time, forget the pain, and feel the ball. Know the science and change the game.

KNOW THE CULPRIT — VIBRATION: Physicians and scientists agree that repeated and intense impact are the root of the most commonly experienced chronic pain and sports injuries. Most vibration dampeners only mask or muffle the sensation of vibration, doing very little to actually reduce the force and shock of ball impact.

A REAL SOLUTION: With these limited special edition Tacky Overgrips, we bring the power of science to you in a form that’s easy, convenient, and low commitment. These are the first ever tacky overgrip designed to improve comfort and reduce muscle fatigue and tendon strain for greater stability and control.

Our patent-pending anti-vibe materials don’t simply mask vibration, they transform the actual mechanical energy of impact, into inert energy that dissipates away from you. These innovative VT Tacky Overgrips maximize your advantage on the court by dampening frame vibration, decreasing frame shock, and reducing distortion of ball impact during intense, fast, and unpredictable play. 100% guaranteed to eliminate vibration.


  • Premium, anti-vibration tacky overgrip
  • Unique patent-pending shock-absorption technology
  • Superior frame shock absorption
  • Durable, lightweight construction,16 grams


  • Provides extended comfort and non-slip connection to your racket
  • Increase in power and feel with the anti-vibe dampening technology.
  • Less muscle fatigue and tendon strain for greater performance stability.


  • Free and easy returns
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Free installation support
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Yair S.
United States United States

Feels good but looks dirty all the time

I don’t like my overgrip looking old so I replace them constantly. Since this overgrip comes only in white, it looks dirty and old even after a single practice session and due to the pricing on this (which could be fair), I cannot replace my overgrip as frequently as I usually do. I believe that having a black version of this product will resolve this issue. Besides that, it feels good on the hand and of high quality.

Aaron F.
United States United States

Great Grips Batman!!

I absolutely love these grips. The feel and thickness is just about perfect for me. The tack is just right. I sweat a lot and these hold up really good. I play at least 3-4 times a week for 2 hours or more each time out (3.5-4.0 players). And these will last for a few weeks. I try to rotate my racquets to keep them balanced (grips and strings). After extended use, the tack wears off and will become slick. But that is expected from a tacky style overgrip. These along with anti-vibe strips have all but killed off my tennis elbow. Now it only flares up when I stay on court way too long. And not having to worry about the elbow pain allows me to open up my shot selection. No fear of swinging freely on any ball. No short arming volleys anymore for fear of pain. It has helped keep my mechanics from breaking down as quick as they would with a sore elbow. The loss of one star is the price. At $10 a piece, that’s a little steep to keep changing out compared to the next best grip I like. Those in bulk are around $1.50 per overgrip. I haven’t really gone back to those grips since I found these. But I may go back because of the cost difference. Time will tell if the benefit outweighs the negative. But in the end, I would definitely recommend these to anyone to try out at least once. Don’t worry about the price for the first try. And try one especially if you suffer from tennis elbow even in the slightest.

United States United States

Not much different than a regular replacement grip

This doesn't really feel any more shock absorbant than a regular replacement grip. Feels just like another regular grip, but an expensive one

sherri h.
United States United States

I've come to grips!

Got the overgrip and now I'm a believer. First up it's really comfortable with just the right amount of tacky feel. Second up on mishits the shock is really dampened. Third up the slight tennis wrist and elbow I was having is gone-having played 5 doubles matches with this over grip so far. Why am I just discovering this product now? Do yourself a favor and get this now-you can thank me later courtside!