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Two Strip Install

Two strips, concentrated on the impact zone, dampen frame vibration and tame the distortion of ball impact, expanding the sweet spot feel over more surface area.

Four Strip Install

A four strip setup, amplifies the effect to deliver an even more stable and consistent feel, which means maximal accuracy, confidence, and control.

Replacement Grip Install

Our unique “smart" polymers, paired with the texture and responsiveness of 100% calfskin leather, ensures a seamless connection to the true power of your game.

Preset Configurations

Our products are part of a comprehensive tennis racket performance enhancement system designed to maximize the stability, control, and feel you have over your game.

Try these standard presets, or invent your own.

  • 2 Strips (standard, sweet spot, top of racket)
  • 4 Strips
  • Replacement Grip
  • 2 Strips + Replacement Grip
  • 4 Strips + Replacement Grip
Frequently Asked Product Questions

VT Strips and Grips are performance enhancing anti-vibration racket accessories designed for plug-and-play use with your existing equipment.
In the simplest terms, the strips and grips work by reducing the actual vibration you experience through your racket during ball impact. Reducing vibrational forces increases your control, stability, and feel of the racket, and also expands its sweet spot feel over more racket surface area.
Ball impact creates all kinds of mixed vibrational signals in your racket and your body that diminish your sense of control over your game. VT Advantec products reduce vibration and lower this distortion, allowing you to feel more of the game and inject more true power and precision into your play. The other side of the coin to performance is protection: our products also help reduce your risk of physical strain and injury that come with intense play and overuse.
Unlike lead tape, strips don’t fight vibration by trying to overpower it with more weight. We attack vibration through science that disperses it away from you and your racket. Each strip itself only weighs approximately 0.8 grams, so they have little to no effect on your overall racket weight, while they dramatically improve the control and stability you feel as you play.
We recommend against removing and re-applying strips once they have been properly secured to your racket in your preferred configuration. Full effectiveness of our anti-vibe technology depends on the seamless and secure connection with your racket through our specially formulated adhesive. Re-applying and reusing strips may compromise this connection.
VT Advantec products are made with patent-pending polymers that isolate and absorb shock, and transform some of the vibrational energy of impact into inert forces that dissipate away from your racket. Unlike other products that simply mask how you experience vibration with your body, our science actually converts vibrational forces into others that don’t impede your performance.
No. VT Advantec products are created to reduce the vibration from impact without affecting the natural feel of the racket. If anything, you will likely be amazed at how natural play feels and surprised at how much your body has been compensating for unnecessary vibrational forces.
Depending on your level of play, climate, exposure, and normal wear and tear, we recommend changing out your VT Advantec products every 3-4 months to ensure your equipment is benefitting from optimal vibration reduction properties of our anti-vibe technologies.
Just like adding weight fools your body into believing that it is experiencing less vibration, string dampeners diffuse vibration on the strings without actually reducing it on the racket frame. That’s why studies show that they do not work to reduce overall racket vibration. VT Advantec products are revolutionary because they don’t attempt to mask vibration, they actually reduce it.
Yes, of course! If you enjoy the feel of string dampeners, they will not interfere with the vibration reduction properties of VT Advantec products. We actively encourage players and pros to keep their normal equipment and settings when incorporating our products into the mix. It’s the best way to ensure you feel the dramatic difference our science brings to your game.
Vibration and Injury Prevention

Though continuous innovation and real-world testing, we design our Anti-Vibe™ products to help reduce the risk of physical strain and injury from intense performance and overuse.

  • Learn more about our point of view on vibration and reducing the risk of injury
  • Learn more about VT Advantec's ongoing Study of vibration and injuries, and how to become a part of our research
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