VT Advantec Anti-Vibe Leather Tennis Racket Grip Tape

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Our innovative leather tennis racket undergrips, maximize your advantage on the court. VT Leather Grips function by dampening multi-frequency frame vibration, reducing frame shock, and reducing distortion of ball impact during intense, fast, and unpredictable play.

Our patent-pending Anti-Vibe technology paired with the texture and responsiveness of 100% calfskin leather tennis racket undergrips ensures a seamless connection to the true character and power of your game.

  • (1) VT Advantec Replacement Grip
  • Dimensions: 7/8” x 50”
  • Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Weight: 22 Grams 
  • 100% Premium Calfskin Leather 
  • New Adhesive-Free Installation  



  • Free and easy returns
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Free installation support
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Jonathan W.
United States

Arrived in Poor Condition - Quality Assurance going Downhill

Let me start saying these are usually among my favorite grips (this is the third time I’ve bought them to grip my new rackets). I like the soft feel of the leather, and, once wrapped, will usually lay near perfectly flat. I also love the fact that they only add about 6 grams over the manufacturer’s stock replacement grip that comes with a new racket, rather than the 12-14 grams of other brands, leaving more room for customization. I bought two leather grips and both arrived in poor condition. One had clearly been squashed below something heavy either before or after being shipped because an edge of the leather was permanently bent/curled upward. This made it difficult to wrap the grip so that it laid flat - I tried several times and had to settle for something less than optimal. The other was frayed at the sheared edge of the base of the grip - clearly a manufacturing defect. I’m very surprised this one made it past the manufacturing floor’s quality assurance process. I expect more when paying $30 per grip. I’m disappointed to say that I will not be buying these again.

Gabe J.
United States United States

Great product and support!

The grip is comfortable, easy to apply and reduces the vibration while at the same time gives you a very connected feel. The only thing you have to account for is the extra weight. My grip was 25g, which is 10g more than the grip I removed. It does give it a much more solid feel on volleys and groundstrokes, but felt a tad sluggish on overhead swings. Just a sight trade off, and if you get used to the timing of serve/overhead then it will also be a heavier ball. I contacted support about keeping one and returning one grip and they were extremely polite and accommodating. Highly recommend, especially if you are a leather grip player already! The extra cost vs other leather grips was higher, but you get what you pay for!!

Jay L.
United States United States

Feels good

Good replacement weather grip. Thinner leather than I expected, on the VT material. Easy to wrap. Slightly thicker leather with a bevel to the edges would be nice. Comfortable.

Keith W.
United States United States

Great product

The grips are amazing. No vibration at all. Customer service sucks. Asked me to send a photo of my racquet so they could tell me where to place the strips. Never got a reply