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There’s much more control and stability during off center hits, and the expanded sweet spot allows those off center hits to be stronger, more forgiving shots. This innovation is something that has been missing in our sport and can really change the way the game is being played. At the highest level, recovery and reducing the demand on the body becomes essential to getting the best results during the final weeks of a grand slam.

Tom Gullikson
Former U.S Davis Cup Captain
Former Coaching Director of USTA Player Development
Former Ranked World No. 4 Doubles
Since I’ve started using the technology, my body feels good and I feel like it’s a tool that can help my game that extra % which could come down to the difference between winning and losing a big match. It can change the game for players in relation to winning because they will be able to prolong their practice time and maybe even their career. With less vibration going into the arm and body, you can have that extra time at practice that can make all the difference.

Nicole Melichar
2020 US Open Doubles Finalist
2019 Wimbledon Mixed Doubles Champion
Ranked World No. 11 Doubles
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I could immediately tell the difference. Each ball I hit felt solid, even when I slightly mishit a shot. It is the best dampening technology I’ve felt by far. 

-Chris S. 
I love it while serving, it felt like the sweet spot was sweeter and I could hit any ball on any part of the strings and still felt clean.

-Noah J. 
Honestly, I was skeptical at first but this product definitely changes the shot feel on impact. It had less resistance and made the racket feel like I could strike harder.

-Gio B. 
It gave me more stability and plow through on my shots. I feel like I have more weight behind my groundstrokes and even more damage from the baseline.

-Mikus B. 
It felt a lot more solid while hitting than usual. The sweet spot felt like it got larger and it made my racket more forgiving. I definitely love this product.

-Jasmine M. 
It’s amazing! I’m hitting like I’m still in college. It has made a tremendous difference in my game.

-Osiris C. 
I love it! I haven’t played so good like that in weeks. I don’t know if I can go back to my racket without strips.

-David D. 
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March 1st, 2020. Press release: VT Advantec initiates comprehensive tracking study to chart the effects of its products on injury prevention. Data collected includes standardized metrics on participant athletes' pain, performance, and confidence, and compares results before and after using our products.
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