All these claims we make about winning and solving the issues of vibration? We're not the only ones talking.

“VT Advantec Strips provided a plush and much more comfortable racket-feel upon impact. I could immediately tell the difference. Each ball I hit felt solid, even when I slightly mishit a shot. The technology allowed me to hit out on the ball consistently and without fear. It is the best dampening technology I’ve felt by far. I would highly recommend it."

Chris Stamas
[4.5 NTRP] 
Chicago, Illinois

I love it while serving, it felt like the sweet spot was sweeter and I could hit any ball on any part of the strings and still felt clean.

Noah J. [NCAA Division 1]
I feel like I hit cleaner more open, and enjoy the feeling when I hit the sweet spot. I currently have it on all my rackets. Can’t play without it anymore.

John P. [NCAA Division 1]
My VT grip gave me more stability and plow through on my shots. It created a unified racket experience that made me satisfied with my improved performance. 

Mikus B. [5.0 NTRP]