We all know the sound of a ball hit well.
In those split seconds of competition, vibration we hear as sound is only one part of the story. Physics tells us there’s actually a lot more going on when bodies make impact.
  • Energy transfers from the racket to your arm
  • Impact increases the effort of racket control
  • Vibration decreases stability during and after contact
Physics defined the problem. We used chemistry to combat it.
Certain chemicals and compounds have the ability to cushion impact and greatly reduce unwanted vibration. We engineered, highly specific combinations of these materials to do just that. Our technologies are special for their unique qualities of frequency absorption and dissipation that help increase your stability and control on the court.
The Science of Advanced Materials

We tested thousands of compounds in a lab setting to hand-select just the right combination for our proprietary smart-polymer blends. We then crafted these innovative materials into unique technologies with the right properties to ensure maximum performance.

  • Smart Layer Technology promotes optimal absorption and shock dissipation. 
  • Polymer stabilization reduces frequencies and improves energy transfer.
  • Materials don’t break down under repeated and extended moments of stress.
Expert Know-How about Real-World Conditions

We challenged the science where it matters the most: on the court. We put our products in the demanding hands of elite players to refine our designs, to ensure we focused on factors leading to victory, and to validate that we out-performed other solutions on the market. Hands down, we won their seal of approval.

  • Cushioned impact improves feel and racket-head stability.
  • Consistent feel means maximal accuracy, confidence, and control.
  • Reduced effort increases optimal power with every stroke.
Leveraging the Expertise of Material Science Leaders

Our ongoing R&D and testing efforts are bolstered by a team of world class scientists, engineers, and technologists with both lab and real-world experience. Immersing themselves in every detail of sports application of material science, they were able to create solutions for optimizing high-performance play.

Shaping the future of performance and injury prevention technology

Vanquishing vibration is also vanquishing the risk of injury

Players know performance comes at a risk for injury. Doctors, physical therapists, coaches, and players too all know one of the major injury culprits in tennis is racket vibration.

  • The mechanics of tennis and it's repetitive nature lead to extensive physical strain on the body and many overuse injuries
  • This loading and torque absorption increases as players perform at a higher level due to the increased speed, power, and ball spin required.
  • For even the casual player, vibration is a culprit for common overuse injuries such as lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) and rotator cuff impingement.

Our approach is superior. Our innovative materials' advanced chemical and physical properties work at the molecular level. We don't dampen the transfer of vibration, we capture it and dissipate it though our Smart Layer Technology.

Initial findings in a comprehensive tracking study unequivocally demonstrate our users experience decreased pain, improved confidence on the court, and decreased time lost from play.

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